Fall Women’s Bible Study

Tuesdays, September 25-October 30


Ladies, you are invited to join us on this exciting journey to dig deeper into God’s Word and grow closer to one another during this amazing Bible study. Whether you’ve never opened a Bible or you’re a veteran at studying God’s Word, this study is designed to meet you where you are. Set during one of the most corrupt eras of Israelite history, Ruth is a story about three compelling characters. Naomi is an elderly widow who has lost everything and returns to her homeland empty and bitter hoping simply to survive. Ruth is Naomi’s daughter in-law, also a widow and a foreigner, who at great personal cost refuses to let Naomi face the future alone. Boaz is the local patriarch — a man of wealth and influence who in this epic tale is given the opportunity to do the right thing. Dr. Sandra Richter makes each of these characters come alive.

Two Class Options
• Daytime: 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
• Evening: 6–8 p.m.

Registrations Open from September 7–18 through member’s portal.

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