Finding Joy in Real Life – 5 Habits for Living Well

This five-week sermon series will look at the ways that God provides for joy in our lives. This sermon series will combine biblical foundations with everyday practices to help enrich your relationship with God and each other — to help us find the real joy intended for our lives.

“Finding joy in a complicated life can be difficult. Relationships, careers, finances, health issues, and family responsibilities can leave us unsettled, frustrated, empty, and even drained. But, what if we could turn the corner and head in a new direction that leads to a life full of joy rather than one of misery? Nowhere does the Bible teach us that Christ wants us to live a miserable life, yet, His desire is that his joy lives within us.” —Pastor Harold Hendren

The materials you need to participate in this Small Group study are below.  Just click on the links to view each week’s video lesson.  You may also download a pdf copy of the booklet to follow along with the video lesson.

Finding Joy in Real Life booklet

Week 1 Videos

Week 1 Video

The Golden Standard (Pastor Harold’s Sermon, Week 1)

The Golden Standard (Pastor Jim’s Sermon, Week 1)

Week 2 Videos

Week 2 Video

The Requirements of the Lord (Pastor Harold’s Sermon, Week 2)

The Requirements of the Lord (Pastor Jim’s Sermon, Week 2)

Week 3 Videos

Week 3 Video

Six Words to Set You Free (Pastor Harold’s Sermon, Week 3)

Six Words to Set You Free (Pastor Jim’s Sermon, Week 3)

Week 4 Videos

Week 4 Video

Week 5 Videos

Week 5 Video