Our Mission

To communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through puppetry to people of all ages.

Our Vision

To provide inspiring programs using musical and theatrical puppetry to touch the lives of those in our congregation and in our community.

Our Goals

  • Establish an adult puppet ministry group
  • Establish a youth puppet ministry group (this would involve middle school and high school children).
    Both groups will perform for children, youth, and adults in our church and in the community

Volunteers help write scripts, help with props, music and sound, scenery construction, costumes, lighting, are puppeteers and stage managers, and also seek persons with skills in humor and magic.

To volunteer or schedule a performance, please contact Linda Underhill at (352) 259-5669.

The puppet ministry needs committed people who have talents and gifts in many areas:

  • Puppeteers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Stage Manager
  • Prop Coordinator
  • Music and Sound
  • Scenery Construction
  • Costume Director (for puppet clothes)
  • Lighting Coordinator (for blacklight performances)
  • Publicity/Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Master of Ceremonies (for program presentations)
  • Persons skilled in humor, magic, etc.